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Creating Brand Recognition & Trust With Videos

quality content is still king in brand recognition and trust

Just about everyone has a smart phone or camera these days, making people feel like instant video pros. Today anyone can point and shoot or even include a few transition presets and string some clips together. This might be great for your family vacation video or a quick movie from your nephew's birthday party, but when creating content for your business you need to create a sense of trust with your market. That trust comes from high quality branded content that clearly and effectively delivers a business's message and call to action. Its optimal to create an ongoing series of branded videos if possible to create brand recognition and familiarity to slowly establish brand trust within your target market. Sketch Blue Studio specializes in creating high quality branded videos for all businesses.

"research shows that a better video experience leads to more action, higher loyalty and more social sharing."

A survey on the effectiveness of video in marketing states "research shows that a better video experience leads to more action, higher loyalty and more social sharing."

Knowing videos cause action, loyalty and sharing, any business with an interest in building their client base can't afford to put forth a video that does not instill confidence in the brand. The professionalism of the video speaks directly to the care the business takes with customers and clients. An easy way to add production value to these videos is through the use of animation and motion graphics.

"Nielsen claims 64 percent of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future."

There's no reason a business of any size shouldn't be able to create the type of marketing content they want for their business and no business wants to be the last to adopt the current leading marketing strategy. Smaller business often feel that professionally created branded videos are too pricey but Sketch Blue Studio makes quality affordable for all budgets. The branding animations created for the video can easily be translated to be used in corporate presentations, on a website or social media, or even TV. Investing in a quality video asset that can be combined with new content will extend the production quality of traditional video. This directly contributes to the viewer's brand recognition and trust of the brand, making customers them more comfortable and more likely to complete a purchase.

"Building brand awareness requires repetition and consistency."

The more people see something the more they accept and trust it. This is one of the most important assets for a business when marketing online. The more trusted and recognized the business is then the more likely the consumer is to make the jump to complete the sale. Trust takes time to build online, just as in the real world so it's crucial to reach your market repeatedly, consistently and professionally.

It's time to bring your business up to speed with a high quality branded video delivering your message to your target market. Contact to get started on your video and elevate your marketing today.

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