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Quality Client Testimonials Build Brand Trust

Building brand trust though high quality video production services

Quality client testimonials build brand trust and bring in new clients. Most people have options of where to put their dollars and a majority of the time several meet their needs. The potential customer then makes a decision based on which band they trust most based on their own, usually online, research. Client testimonials have been used for years and several services offer methods of rating businesses and leaving feedback. Videos are quickly gaining ground as the most effective marketing tool over print and written media. An increasing amount of content consumed online is through video. Because of this it is crucial to have high quality client testimonial videos that will instill brand trust both with quality and with the message of the satisfied client.

Many companies trying to save money think since we all have cameras on our phones it is simple and free to film a client saying great things about the company and call it a day. This is a perfect example of a way to lose any trust that a client may have had in your brand. It immediately demonstrates lack of quality which directly equates to lack of trust. If your video looks bad it doesn’t matter what the message is because opinions have already formed against your favor.

In a world where the slightest amount of being off put by a brand will turn customers to a competitor, it isn’t worth the potential few sales may be caused by a poor quality video that would have undoubtedly turned off several more potential customers than it brings in.

A high quality client testimonial will have the opposite effect, it will immediately demonstrate to the viewer that the proper time and effort have been put into every aspect of the business. This creates a subconscious effect of the potential client trusting that if the business put this much care into a video, they must put care into the service they are providing as well. It sets a tone before the viewer ever hears the actual testimonial that the company does things right, cares about the quality of work they put out for the public to see and will do a good job for the new potential client.

Beyond the look of the film it is also important to have a well spoken client for the testimonial and one that is sincere. Many people like to script their testimonials when they invest in someone to create a quality video but this in another pitfall businesses fall into. Businesses can try to control the process more when they hire someone to come in and film to ensure the message they want is reflected in the testimonial. This often comes off as scripted and insincere. An experienced director can draw out a sincere and quality testimonial and create a sense of trust between the client and viewer.

The director’s choices for lighting, cameras, editing, music and especially graphics can influence a viewer without ever hearing the testimonial. The graphics used on these videos don’t necessarily need to be elaborate but they need to match the brand and look professional and consistent. Often times when these responsibilities are left to the company or someone who has done some of these things once or twice it is apparent in the video’s quality, and usually is immediately something that hurts the viewer’s impression of the brand. All areas of the project must be handled professionally in order to ensure the outcome is of a quality that will succeed in the overall goal of the testimonial, building brand trust. Hiring the right company can make all the difference. MIST Productions has been producing high quality corporate videos for years and since opening the Sketch Blue Studio animation and graphics division has been offering branding packages that can be used across a series of professional videos at an affordable price point. These videos have finally become cost effective for almost any business.


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