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Underappreciation of Day-to-Day Animations

Sketch Blue Studio and Animation

When you think of animation it is only natural to refer back to Disney or Pixar films where a prince and princess are dancing in a grand ballroom or having toys come to life.

Although those vibrant and family-friendly screenplays produce hearty laughs and youthful memories, there is more to animations then people choose to acknowledge. However, the reality is that most of what you see in the movies is in one way or another constructed of visual effects or another form of animation. Beyond film, animation is found in commercials, web, apps and almost everywhere there is moving content or video. We even begin to associate the quality of the animation or motion graphics with the quality of the company presented. At Sketch Blue Studio, we use industry standard software to create computer-generated images (CGI) that make the impossible come to life and bring a smile to our audiences without a Hollywood price tag.

With Oscar season coming up, everyone is scrambling to watch all the nominated movies and become their own critics, but in all actuality, there are certain aspects of movies that are overshadowed because of the story line or a famous celebrity actor. With that in mind, audiences with lack of knowledge in video production might just think that in order to compose a high-end video, you just need a good camera, a mic, actors, and a good location.

When you ask a millennial for his or her thoughts on animation, they automatically associate that with cartoons and other things of that nature. When you try and dig a little deeper on his or her thoughts in regards to the visual effects found in short films or commercials for instance, a common answer would be, “I guess I do not think that deeply into all those things, I just either like it for the acting and storyline or I do not.” With that being said, you could begin to understand why there is such a vast underappreciation of the so called “day-to-day” animations incorporated in much of what we see on a screen.

You don’t need to speak the same language or have a master’s degree in fine arts or computer animation to understand a good movie, commercial, video clip, etc. Sketch Blue Studio encompasses all day-to-day video productions needed to create quality and high-definition graphics to create a message that is entertaining and informative for your viewers.

There are a multitude of ways to convey a message, whether it is through an empowering speech at an awards show or a cartoon used to promote awareness for an underappreciated cause. If there is one thing humankind is not lacking in, it is imagination.

Unfortunately due to the high pace of our lives, most of us don't have the attention span to sit and listen to detailed or complicated messages as much as we may be interested. This is where we turn to visuals, especially to draw attention to the key points of the message and the more creative the visuals, the better.

Imagination to create a whole new world, realm, or life to things most of us do not even think about. Take the movie Avatar directed by James Cameron for instance, an entire planet was created through the CGI and pure imagination to depict a world of creatures of all colors and calibers to create one of, in my opinion, the best cinematography in the past decade. This is of course, a more obvious use of CGI than the animations used in commercials or day to day videos, but demonstrates the endless possibilities of animation.

Even though we may live in a world where people are overworked and overly stressed from such a young age, but so much of where we find some sort of escape, entertainment and inspiration is while observing others people's creations on Netflix or even during commercial breaks on TV. Just like those high-end Disney movies leave a lasting impression on you, we at Sketch Blue Studio will leave a lasting impression on your viewers.


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